Farewell for Now

Thanks everyone for coming back week after week to see my photography updates. It’s been really fun to manage this website, watching all the stats on where people are viewing from and how… Continue reading

Art from a Spray Can

A few weekends ago, I took a walk around the Evergreen Brick Works (just off the Bayview Extension in the Don Valley). The area, which used to mine and fire bricks, has recently… Continue reading

Cold Thoughts

With the recent heat wave, high temperatures and no rain, I thought it’d be nice for a change in my subject matter. So I dug up some photographs from past winters, and remembered… Continue reading

NYC Travels

I never know what to write below my photographs. Perhaps an introduction to what the images are, or where I went to see these sights. But usually its just a small rant saying… Continue reading

Patterns in the Smoke

The other weekend I attempted a pretty cool experiment. I took my flash, a black blanket and started to play around with the smoke from an incense stick. From there I messed around… Continue reading

Canada Day

I couldn’t believe that everyone wanted to leave Kingston this past weekend for Canada Day – how often do you get to see a naval battle reenacted with tall ships and cannons! It… Continue reading

The Patterns of Rocks

Just like the brick walls from an earlier post, the photographs of the rocks and boulders above are about their texture. Since taking up photography as a hobby, things such as image texture… Continue reading

Our Inner Model

This is my 20th week of posting photographs on my website so thank you for coming back each week and seeing whats new. You may have noticed that I don’t do many portrait… Continue reading

Block Form

I’m sure some of you might know that I play a computer game called Minecraft. In short, it’s adult LEGO in a 3D explorable environment – very fun. The images from this week’s… Continue reading

Into the Fire

Venus transiting across the sun – such a neat thing to observe. Couldn’t pass up on putting up these images straight away for you all to see.¬†Wonderful view from atop Fort Henry hill… Continue reading